All-Natural Spray Tanning

All-Natural Spray Tanning

You know that UV rays from the sun lead to premature aging and an increased risk of cancer, but a skin-kissed glow just looks so good! SoCa Day Spa has the perfect solution: our all-natural spray tanning treatment. Our spray tanning products are free of toxic chemicals and ingredients, additives, dyes, perfumes, alcohol, and artificial colors. Cover up with sunscreen while sunbathing, but look bikini-tanned without jeopardizing your skin’s health!

All-Natural Spray Tanning

The South Seas tanning system provides you with the most beautiful sun-kissed glow possible without all the sun exposure to UV rays that can lead to premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer. Our tanning solution is strategically applied by a trained technician to ensure the most thorough, even, and lasting tan possible.

South Seas’ premier cosmeceutical tanning solutions are proprietary formulas that use only the finest ingredients available that are both safe and natural-looking. Our tanning solutions are made with the highest-quality processing that is exclusive to South Seas, which uses specialty sugar cane and beet extracts.

Our solution is free of toxins, chemicals, additives, perfumes, dyes, alcohols, artificial colors, and artificial ingredients. South Seas uses an exact manufacturing procedure for our premier tanning solutions that will increase absorption rate into the skin, enhance the richness of the color, extend the life of your tan, and give you the sun-kissed bronze that you get from a day in the sun - without sun damage!

Because of the quality, purity, and freshness of South Seas’ ingredients, our solution provides a beautiful bronze tan that can last several days or more, depending on your skin type and condition.


Stay sun-kissed all year long! This all natural spray tanning treatment delivers the look of a natural tan without the harmful effects of the sun or UV lamps. Perfect for special occasions or any time you want that “golden glow”.

  • Add a Body Scrub Before You Tan $45
  • Spray Tan At SoCa $40
  • Spray Tan on Location $50
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Half Off $100