Why CBD?


CBD is a supplement that has been honored in the last World Health Organization meeting. The hemp oil is derived from 100% legal non-GMO European grown hemp. Thus, being said there are NO genetically modified ingredients, NO pesticides, NO herbicides, and NO chemical fertilizers. Each batch of oil undergoes an advanced Triple Lab Tested™ (third party tested) process to verify that there are no solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful material.
Kannaway® is the first company to create a mainstream, natural, botanical CBD brand; the first to launch a respected cannabinoid supplement and pharmaceutical line; the first to develop strict quality standards through rigorous triple lab testing; and the first company to use hemp to combat aging, skin problems, and low vitality.


The Pure Line-
Kannaway®’s Pure CBD line contains our refined
cannabidiol hemp oil for completely THC-free daily use
CBD products. The Kannaway® Pure CBD line is the CBD
supplement of choice among those subject to drug tests,
like competing athletes, and first responders, due to its zero-THC content.
(comes in capsule or liquid form)


Humulus Oil
CBD oil NOT derived from the hemp plant!!!!
Kannaway® is also the first to create a CBD oil not derived from the hemp plant. It is called Humulus Oil derived from the plant Hops. Great for military personnel.
There are many other products lines Kannaway® has to offer from skin care, supplements and just everyday products. They have products geared towards all ranges in age and are a family-oriented company.
To the best of our knowledge SoCa Day Spa is the FIRST spa in the area to use CBD oil in massage. If you have any questions please call SoCa Day Spa at (843)529-9500.


Here is a link to Echo Connection where you can see the research behind CBD and its benefits.
Click the “education” tab and you can search any conditions.


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