Massage Therapy

Massage therapy

Modalities to achieve the highest quality results

Massage therapy is a practice that has been used for thousands of years due to its health benefits for mind, body, and soul. Although there are various techniques for treatment, the goal is the same: to promote healing, increase blood flow, find mental and physical serenity, and reduce stress. At SoCa, our team is not only licensed; we are immersed in the theory and practice of holistic healing through targeted massage modalities to achieve the highest quality results.

A Customized Experience From Start to Finish

Whether you are experiencing a muscle strain, myofascial pain, trigger points, or general malaise, our massage therapists pay special attention to your individual needs by customizing your experience to cater to you perfectly.

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Massage Therapy Treatments

  • SoCa Signature Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • SoCa Momma
  • SoCa Belles & Whistles Massage
  • Deep South Stone Massage
  • Muscle Meltdown
  • Sinus Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Bamboo Massage
  • Painkiller Massage


Ranging from gentle to firm pressure, paying close attention to areas requiring extra care or consideration.

  • $65 30 Minutes
  • $95 60 Minutes
  • See Spa Wellness For Series Pricing
  • $12590 Minutes
  • See Spa Wellness For Series Pricing

Deep Tissue Massage

Our most experienced therapists will perform an intensively therapeutic, targeted and specific massage.

  • $110 60 Minutes
  • See Spa Wellness For Series Pricing
  • $14590 Minutes
  • See Spa Wellness for Series Pricing

SoCa Momma

Our Prenatal Massage can help moms-to-be relax and find relief from the common aches and discomforts associated with pregnancy. Our therapists use special positioning and cushioning for comfort and safety. *Recommended after the 1st trimester.

  • $100 60 Minutes


60 minute Signature Massage, Foot Refresher, and Mini Head Trip.

  • $14590 Minutes

Deep South Stone Massage

Sore, tired muscles? No match for this Deeply Relaxing Massage which combines hot basalt river stones with our swedish technique to melt away even the most deeply-seated knots with each passing stroke and strategically placed stone.

  • $13590 Minutes


Our Deepest Tissue Massage combined with moist and dry heat along with myofacial release and stretching techniques focuses on relieving tension in the areas of the back, neck, shoulders, and scalp.

  • $100 60 Minutes


Treat your shoulders, neck, scalp, and face to this amazing Aromatherapy Massage that uses eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree to alleviate seasonal sinus symptoms. Great for sinus pressure, sinus headaches, and congestion!

  • $70 30 Minutes


"A 1,000 gentle waves washing over your body." Traditional Thai Massage is a form of body work that includes gentle rocking, rhythmic compression, and passive stretching; leaving you grounded, focused, and energized.

  • $95 60 Minutes
  • $130 90 Minutes
  • $145 90 Minutes Duo


This specialty massage uses a roll of heated, various length bamboo instead of the hands to warm the muscles and reduce tension simultaneously, allowing the therapist to knead deeper and firmer.

  • $95 60 Minutes
  • $130 90 Minute


Our signature Deep Tissue Massage that incorporates THC free CBD oil (well-known for it’s natural pain relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory benefits) and aromatherapy for the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage on the planet.

  • $115 60 Minutes
  • $150 90 Minutes