Learn more about the variety of treatments offered at SoCa Day Spa.

Waxing & Tinting

Looking to rid your body of unwanted hair? SoCa offers waxing and tinting treatments for all of your needs. Our gentle, natural, low-heat wax, and no-heat sugaring paste ensure comfortable removal of unwanted hair. Come see us every 4-6 weeks for any of your hair removal needs.

If you want to trade in your brow pencils and mascara for a get-up-and-go look, our all-natural tinting is for you! Tinting treatments provide a customized, natural-looking, semi-permanent color to your lashes and brows. Tinting gives the appearance of fuller, longer lashes and fuller, darker brows!

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Skin Care Treatments

Our Skin Care experts work to restore a healthy glow and suppleness tailored to your skin needs. Please inform our professional estheticians of any sensitivities, allergies, prescription use, or skin concerns you may have for adjustments as needed to ensure your best skin care experience.

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Organic Body Treatments & Scrubs

Looking for a healthy, youthful glow? Treat your body to the ultimate rejuvenation with our range of body treatments. All products used during the treatment are organic and will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

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Massage Therapy

Our SoCa team is comprised of licensed massage therapists waiting to help you achieve your desired results and help you get the most out of your treatment. They specialize in targeting the skin’s muscles to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve energy, and increase circulation. All treatments will begin with a consultation. Massage therapy has been known to help with muscle aches and pains and provides many health benefits. We have a wide range of treatments and optional add-ons to help you relax and feel instant relief.

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All Natural Spray Tanning

Looking for that perfect golden glow but fearful of the aging affects the sun’s UV rays provide? SoCa Day Spa has the perfect solution; all-natural Spray Tanning. Our All Natural Spray Tanning is free of toxic chemicals, additives, dyes, perfumes, alcohol, artificial colors, and harmful ingredients. Book your appointment today to trade that harmful UV exposure for a quick and customizable organic spray tan.

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