Summer has officially started, and achieving the perfect sun-kissed glow this season is on the bucket list of many. Although there is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in the warm sun on the beach, you might be doing more harm to your body than you realize. Rather than spending hours of your summer laying out and tanning, take back your time and look out for your skin by opting for an all-natural spray tan!

While there are health benefits from Vitamin D, there are also benefits to achieving a summer glow without the sun. For starters, you receive the same, if not better, sun-kissed glow without the excessive exposure to harsh UV rays while by-passing the time you would have otherwise spent in the sun. Unlike tanning, you can pick the exact shade and color that you’d like, and a painful sunburn is definitely not a risk!

Unfortunately, the summer months come and go just like a suntan does, but all-natural spray tans allow you to keep your glow going and looking great even into the fall season. For many, a spray tan is a quick confidence booster no matter what time of year it is, and our spray tanning services are available year-round to keep you feeling beautiful and confident. At SoCa Day Spa we offer All Natural Spray Tanning that is free of toxic chemicals, additives, dyes, perfumes, alcohol, artificial colors, and harmful ingredients. Visit our website and trade that harmful UV exposure for a quick and customizable spray tan at SoCa Day Spa.