Casy Wyndham

Meet our team at SoCa Day Spa, starting with our owner and spa director, Casy Wyndham. ✨ Looking to create a spa that offered a variety of treatments and therapies that would cater to each client’s needs desires, Casy founded SoCa Day Spa in 2003. She specializes in intricate neck work and deep tissue massages. When she’s not treating a client, Casy likes to indulge in SoCa’s Lighten, Tighten & Brighten Facial. This facial works to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance through the use of metadermabolic protein enzymes that exfoliate and reprogram skin. This facial will also resurface, brighten, firm skin while hydrating deeply. No matter what brings you to SoCa Day Spa, Casy worked to ensure you leave with a relaxing and refreshing experience!

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