SoCa’s Travel Essentials

June 23rd, 2020 socadayspa

Are you dreaming of jet setting to a new vacation spot after quarantine? Us too! We have sat down and drafted a list of our top travel must-haves. Make sure that you pack all of these small travel essentials on your next getaway!

Our first travel must-have is a silk eye mask. Silk eye masks help block out light that may keep you up while you are trying to sleep during your travel. Additionally, silk eye masks help to protect your long lashes from damage that cotton may cause. The softness of silk reduces friction, keeping your lashes intact and looking beautiful. An added bonus, eye masks are lightweight, small, and easy to throw in your purse or carryon!

Our second travel essential is a small bottle of facial oil. Being on an airplane for hours can dry out your skin due to the lack of humidity in the aircraft. Therefore, it is important to have powerful hydrating products on hand that you can easily apply. Facial oil will provide your skin with the moisture that it needs while also preventing breakouts.

Our third must-have travel essential is pimple patches. Pimple patches are an easy, mess-free alternative to zit cream and dry up pimples in only a couple hours. You can pop one of these on at the start of your trip and be blemish free once you arrive at your destination. Pimple patches can be found anywhere from your local drug store to Amazon.

Lastly, we recommend packing a travel-size dry shampoo for your trip. Sitting in a plane or car for hours can leave your hair looking dull and flat. Make sure to throw some dry shampoo in your bag so that you and bring your hair back to life. Dry shampoo absorbs oils, giving it a less greasy appearance while also adding some volume.

We hope our travel essentials will accompany you on your next trip. Purchase some of these travel necessities in-store or online from SoCa Day Spa! Safe travels!

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