With bathing suit season here, make sure to book your waxing or sugaring appointment at SoCa Day Spa today! We offer an array of waxing and sugaring services to help you get rid of any unwanted body hair. Our treatments are gentle, all-natural, and utilize low-heat wax or no-heat sugaring paste to ensure a comfortable experience. Before your appointment, make sure to follow these 4 steps to prepare for your hair removal:

1. Prep your skin by exfoliating the night before.

The day before you come in for your appointment, make sure to exfoliate the area that you are getting waxed or sugared with a loofa or scrub brush. Exfoliating allows you to get rid of the dead skin cells that may surround your hair follicles. Exfoliation helps with the removal of ingrown hairs and gives your skin a smooth surface, which improves waxing results.

2. Come in with clean, dry skin.

Before your appointment, make sure to clean your skin to get rid of any bacteria, sweat, or oil buildup. Grime can prevent wax from sticking and increase your risk of infected bumps. Just as it is crucial to ensure your skin is clean, we ask that your skin is dry for your appointment. Wax will not stick to a wet surface, so make sure to dry yourself thoroughly before your waxing/sugaring.

3. Cut your hair if needed

We recommend that your hair be approximately 1/4 inch long but no longer than 1/2 inch to receive waxing. If your hair is too long or short, the waxing could be painful. If you need to trim your hair, use clean personal grooming tools such as safety scissors.

4. Post-Waxing Care

Proper care for your skin is also essential after your treatment. After your waxing/sugaring appointment, apply an aftercare product to soothe your skin and fight bacteria. Applying this product will soothe and relieve any inflammation that you may have while also preventing infection. In addition to applying an aftercare treatment, you will need to keep exfoliating your skin in between your waxing/sugaring appointments to keep your skin smooth. We recommended that you allow four to six weeks in between each of your appointments.

Make sure that you follow these 4 skincare tips for your next waxing or sugaring appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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