Now that summer has officially arrived, so have the days of heat, humidity, and water. Rather than worrying about your mascara staying in place, let SoCa Day Spa help you achieve the perfect all-natural look. Our eyelash tinting service is your ideal summer solution. Perfect for lighter toned lashes that need a pop color and fullness; our service uses vegetable-based pigments to give customized, natural-looking color to darken the lashes and provide a more elongated appearance.
Eyelash tinting is a straightforward and pain-free process. Your technician will recline you and apply a semi-permanent dye to your lashes while your eyes are closed. After a quick ten-minute drying process, your lashes will look visibly longer, darker, and fuller. The dye should last for about four weeks, although this varies depending on how often you cleanse your face.
Let SoCa Day Spa provide you with this perfect all-natural summer solution, so you can ditch your mascara and relax at the pool without worry. Our waterproof, semi-permanent treatment will save you time and make your dreams of effortless, long, full lashes a reality.
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